Book 1 of Farlander

A dying assassin is forced to take on an apprentice just as he embarks on the most impossible vendetta of his life ...

The Heart of the World is a land in strife. For fifty years the Holy Empire of Mann, an empire and religion born from a nihilistic urban cult, has been conquering nation after nation. Their leader, Holy Matriarch Sasheen, ruthlessly maintains control through her Diplomats, priests trained as subtle predators.

The Mercian Free Ports are the only confederacy yet to fall. Their only land link to the southern continent, a narrow isthmus known as the Lansway, is protected by the great walls of Bar-Khos. For ten years now, the city has been besieged by the Imperial Fourth Army. It is only a matter of time before it falls.

Ash is a member of a sect known as Rōshun, assassins who offer protection through the threat of vendetta. He is a man still haunted after many years by the death of his son. Forced by his ailing health to take on an apprentice, he chooses Nico, a young man living in the besieged city of Bar-Khos, whose own father is long gone, a deserter of his family. At the time, Nico is hungry, desperate, and alone in a city that finds itself teetering on the brink.

When the Holy Matriarch’s son murders a woman under the protection of the Rōshun, he forces the sect to seek his life in retribution. As Ash and his young apprentice set out to fulfil the vendetta, their journey takes them into the heart of the conflict between the Empire and the Free Ports … into bloodshed and death.

Stands a Shadow

Book 2 of Farlander

Still grieving the death of her son, the Holy Matriarch of Mann has ordered her forces to invade the democras of the Mercian Free Ports. Riding at the head of her army she plans to finally conquer the city of Bar-Khos, whose walls have held the empire at bay for ten long years.

Ash is a man who would see her dead before that. The dying Roshun assassin is determined to seek vengeance for the Matriarch's previous crimes. But such a course of retribution goes against everything his creed has taught him. Meanwhile, Che, a trained killer of the state, watches as the Imperial army slaughters its way across the remnants of the free world, and starts to question whether he believes the doctrines he has been trained to follow.

With the battle for the Free Ports intensifying, more lives are drawn into the bloody conflict: Bahn, the siege-shocked soldier fighting for his family; Curl, a young prostitute determined to make a stand even if it costs her life; Bull, the murderer, who senses a chance to make things right. When the two armies clash all looks set to be decided. But sheer force alone will not be enough to win this war. Only the gruelling determination of one man seeking redemption can sway the final outcome.

The Black Dream

Book 3 of Farlander

As the empire of Mann threatens the world with enslavement, only a single island nation continues to stand in its way - the democras of the Mercian Free Ports. For a decade the Free Ports have withstood siege and isolation, but now the empire draws its noose even tighter for the final confrontation.

Rallying to its defence are those from the secretive network known as the Few, including the cripple and troubleshooter Coya Zeziké. Coya has hopes of enlisting the forest contrarè in the aid of the besieged city of Bar-Khos. With him is Shard, the only Dreamer of the Free Ports, a woman capable of manipulating waking reality and the strange dimensions of the Black Dream.

The Roshun order of assassins have also engaged in the war at last. Yet Ash, their ailing farlander, has more urgent business to overcome before he dies. Facing him is a perilous skyship voyage into the Great Hush, and even further to the fabled Isles of Sky, where somehow he hopes to save his young apprentice, Nico. Yet his voyage into the unknown may decide more than just Nico's fate . . . it may save the Free Ports themselves.