Col Buchanan

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Col Buchanan is an Irish writer who was born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, in 1973. From an early age he turned to reading and writing fantastical works to escape his troubles. In school he was the quiet dreamer who always sought out the back of the classroom. Later, in his stretches of work as a copywriter, he would be the quiet dreamer who always sought out the back of the office.

Having strayed from the beaten track for most of his life, at various times Col has found himself in retreat in the mountains of Mourne, homeless in Belfast, lost in a Zen monastery, and scratching graffiti as a guest of the local constabulary … all of which he mentions, (since he's the one writing this), to sound more exciting than he really is.

In recent years he has mostly settled down, and loves nothing more than a late-night gathering around a fire with good friends.

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“A lot of people make grandiose claims for the song as either a Catholic or Protestant rallying call. It was nothing to do with that at all. It was just about everyday life in Belfast. And this might sound strange, seeing as it was a city being torn apart by riots and bombings, but Belfast was actually a really fucking boring place to be. They locked the security-gates around the city at six o'clock so there was nowhere to go. And no bands would come and play because they couldn't get the insurance. That happened to the Clash - they turned up and were told they couldn't play. So we rioted. Because that was what you did in Belfast.”